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Covering the Bay of Plenty from Sandhurst to Otamarakau, including all areas of Mt Maunganui, Papamoa, Te Puke, Matapihi, Maketu, Paengaroa, Pongakawa, and Welcome Bay, we provide comprehensive tree care and garden services.

Expert Tree Care Since 1998

With decades of experience in arboriculture, tree care, and tree surgery, you can trust that your trees are in capable hands with Nathan Lord at the helm. Tree Lord has built a reputation for satisfied customers and exceptional service. Don’t settle for less – call Tree Lord today!

Tree Lord has many years of satisfied customers. Do not be disappointed in the job from your arborist, call Tree Lord today!

Comprehensive Tree and Garden Services

Whether you need a complete section makeover, rental property tidy-up, or fruit tree management, we have the expertise to handle it all. Our services also include effective weed spraying for troublesome weeds like Tradescantia (wandering Jew), as well as the demolition and removal of garden structures. Additionally, we excel in all on and above ground chainsaw work to ensure your property is well-maintained.

Our Services

Ideal to keep a tree that is encroaching on footpaths or driveways. Let more light through into houses etc as an alternative to total removal. We consult with you to ensure we achieve the desired result with the minimum of harm to the tree.

To keep tree clear of overhead services we can use an insulated pole for the really close bits and open up views and increase light into your home, deck and gardens.

Let light through to garden plants below giving more filtered sun on to decks, patios and semi shade loving plants below (ie Clivias).

Remove leaf nuisance from beside the swimming pool or roots from beside drives and cobble areas. Reduce shade and let in light.

Remove rotten and dead parts of the tree before they Fall on you your house, car, or children

We chip all small branches we cut. We can leave it for you to use on your gardens or we can remove it offsite for you. Bigger branches and logs we can remove or cut to firewood size and leave onsite for your use.

Cut errant branches off to improve the balance of the tree allowing other nearby trees and shrubs space to grow and to prevent encrouchment onto your house, deck, etc.

To keep tree at a manageable size for harvesting, for pest and disease prevention/ minimisation

We remove all we cut or find a solution to your situation.

Tree Lord is experienced with removing and trimming trees and Palms from a crane.

Experienced in all facets Excellent for palms, tall hedges, shaping of multiple trees on large sites can be very cost effective and great for working over delicate structures, prize shrubs, fish ponds, etc.

Great from your garden put it on 100 Mils thick settles to bout 50Mils, cockroaches don’t like it , roses love it

Arrange all your stump grinding needs from 25hp to 400hp for all situations. We can arrange reinstatement of the lawn if required.

Cut, split and dry from previous years work

That old gazebo, archway, collapsed fence, shed we will demolish and remove for you

Removing dead and drooping fronds to improve the look of the palm and remove danger from falling fronds or removal all together if required
(falling phoenix palm spikes can inflict a nasty wound)

Has your hedge gotten too big? Let us reduce it to a managable size. Major reduction our specialty.

Experience the best in tree care with Nathan Lord Tree Specialist. Contact us today to discuss your project needs!

Personalised Advice and Cost-effective Solutions

Nathan Lord, our founder, is a qualified arborist with an Advanced Certificate in Arboriculture from the Waikato Institute of Technology. His extensive knowledge and experience guarantee the best care for your trees and garden.

Don’t hesitate to contact us before starting your project. We provide expert advice on how to proceed and in what order, ensuring that your project is completed to your satisfaction in a cost-effective manner. Whether it’s your home, beach bach, office, farm cottage, tanker track, church, or school, we can find a solution to your tree issues.